Pastors Damian & Brooke Tibbs

senior Pastors

Pastor Damian has attended New Life Christian Ministries for 17 years. A fond memory of Damian's early years attending New Life was meeting Brooke and falling in love. Damian and Brooke have been married since 2003. Pastor Damian would be described as a man who loves others well while using his natural humor and intellect to communicate with and reach people both in and out of the walls of New Life. Pastor Damian served on the Praise and Worship team for 2 years, as a Sunday School teacher for 3 years, as an elder for 10 years, and is currently serving as senior pastor since 2015. God developed Pastor Damian's heart for pastoring as he served the needs of people inside and outside the church. His heart's desire for New Life would be  to see others fulfilling their purpose to serve Christ & each other.

Brooke has been attending New Life for 22 years. When she first started attending New Life, it was called Holy Tabernacle.  Over the years she has seen many faces and changes, which reflects the name "New Life". There have been many ministries that Brooke has served in over the years: children's, teens, dance, graphics, counseling, healing, and teaching.  Brooke is known for being a willing vessel to put her hand to the plow wherever needed. She has been called from very young to minister both in and out of the church.  At times, Brooke will preach or dance at other venues. Brooke is an individual who is full of the love of Jesus and it shows in her expression toward others.  She gives sacrificially of her time and ability in many areas to see Jesus glorified and build His kingdom on earth. Brooke desires to see all ministries to grow and flourish and believes the evidence of that is seen even in the smallest of children at New Life.

Jim and Stacy Lewis

Associate/WORSHIP Pastor

Jim and Stacy Lewis have been attending New Life Christian Ministries since 2015.  Their early memory of New Life is the first visit where they experienced a love from the people and the love of God like never before. Jim and Stacy have been married since 1995. Pastor Jim has served on the worship team, led the men's group, and served in an elder/pastoral role. He knew from a young child that God was calling him to a life of ministry. Pastor Jim can be described as a caring and encouraging person with a heart for others. In addition, his goofy sense of humor enables him to break social barriers which then leads to open doors for sharing his walk with others.  His heart as a pastor is that people would become disciples of Christ and learn to walk in the fullness of L.I.F.E. in Christ. So, that they in turn would make disciples & build God's kingdom here on earth.

Melissa Busick


Elder Melissa has been attending New Life Christian Ministries since approximately 2002. She has been married to her husband Paul since 1973.  Elder Melissa can be described as an encourager with a heart for worship that seeks and shares grace, peace, and wisdom with those around her. She has served in food pantry oversight, Matthew 25 ministry, on the praise team, and as an elder/mentor/discipling role. The heart for the ministry within Elder Melissa is to build the kingdom by encouraging/building others and to raise up servant leaders who understand body ministry in obedience.

Charles Arrick


Elder Arrick has been attending New Life Christian Ministries since 2014. His early memory of attending New Life was experiencing the love of the people for God.  Elder Arrick has been married to his lovely wife, Sopo, since 2014 as well.  He has been a servant of the church in teaching, serving at Compel, and helping wherever needed since the beginning.  Elder Arrick loves people and is a great encourager.  His heart is to make many disciples for the kingdom of God.